Sunday 9 June 2013

Better than a card...

Good evening!
I don't have a card for you today as I have had visitors all weekend, but I do have some photos from the Bon Jovi gig last night! It was a really great night, and they were on top form, as usual, playing for almost 3 hours!

The Etihad stadium...

The lovely Jon!

Our view...

The gang... we have gigged together for around 9 years and I think this is the first time we've managed to get a beer at a gig!

The following photos are different looks the stage set up was fab! :)

All in all, a really great night! 
Hope Robbie in 10 days time is just as good! ;)
I'll be back tomorrow with a card if I can muster the energy to make one now!


  1. Omg you lucky thing. I've seen them 4 times but not going this year. They never disappoint :) He's so lovely *drooling* xx

  2. Wow - thanks for sharing your photos, it looks like a brilliant night. What a lovely photo of you and the gang too - doesn't look as if the giggling will stop any time soon! Vicky x


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